What Would You Like to Say to the TSA? Now’s Your Chance!

What Would You Like to Say to the TSA? Now’s Your Chance!

I cannot even count all the times I have stood — very patiently, I might add — like a common criminal with my hands up in the air, as if in a scene from the TV show Law & Order.  I can’t believe all the times my baggage has been searched because something showed up on the scanner that was deemed dangerous.


To add insult to injury, one time — after waiting in line, taking off my coat, sweater, belt, jewelry, and shoes, and standing in line with my hands raised above my head, they still decided that they had to frisk me. Why, you ask? Well, I had a very dangerous nail file in my purse, which they confiscated. Hey — I am an old (ahem, mature) gray-haired lady, and I had a senior moment and forgot I had this dangerous weapon in my bag.


Depositphotos_25139605_xs - man and woman airport security cartoon


Now that the new rules have come out, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) plan is to allow people on US flights to carry aboard certain types of pocket knives and sports equipment, such as hockey sticks and bats.


The TSA has determined that someone using these types of items could not bring down a plane. The flight attendants, I am sure, do not feel the same way.  Now I know that I am old, but I could do a lot of damage with a hockey stick! HOW DO YOU FEEL?


Come and meet Laura Renner of the TSA and get all your questions answered. We are meeting Tuesday, June 4, 2013  from 5-7 pm at 2148 Cedar River Court, Shadow Canyon Village.  (For a list of items currently prohibited on planes, visit www.tsa.gov/traveler-information/prohibiteditems.)


There is also good news for the mature travelers, especially for those with disabilities or medical conditions who may have concerns about security screening procedures in airports: thousands of TSA officers and supervisors are now receiving training to be a PSS agent. PSS stands for Passenger Support Specialist.


If you have concerns about going through the screening prior to travel, you can contact TSA Cares Helpline 855-787-227 and request a PSS agent to assist you.


Working as a concierge travel advisor, I will do this as well as many other services that will ensure that you have a safe and carefree vacation!