Visit Alaska’s Aurora Ice Museum

Visit Alaska’s Aurora Ice Museum


(Photo credits: Travis Knauss / Chena Hot Springs Resort)

Planning a trip to Alaska? Be sure to add the AURORA ICE MUSEUM to your must-see list of places to visit! This unique museum is located 60 scenic miles from Fairbanks in the Chena Hot Springs Resort. Founded over 100 years ago, it is known for its legendary healing mineral waters and beautiful Aurora Borealis (“Northern Lights”) displays in the winter. 

The Aurora Ice Museum is operational year-round using the same geothermal energy internal heat of the earth that heats and powers the resort. Is maintained by the World Ice Art Champions Steve and Heather Brice. Would you like to try your hands at ice sculpting? Steve and Heather will even give you hands-on ice carving  lessons.

This is an excellent place to view wildlife, up close and personal. While there, be sure to soak in their indoor swimming pool and hot tubs.

Just imagine soaking in a hot tub as a 2,000 pound moose or a momma black bear walks by with her baby cubs…. (!)

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Enjoy these beautiful photos, compliments of Chena Hot Springs Resort:

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