Travel Like a Pro: Why Concierge Service gets you the best deals, the best experiences, and the best memories

Travel Like a Pro: Why Concierge Service gets you the best deals, the best experiences, and the best memories

Some travel agents out there think it’s their job to sell you a plane ticket and book some hotel rooms for you. And when the sale is done, so is the service.

I became a travel agent because I want to offer people the opportunity to have extraordinary, authentic experiences that will change how they see the world.

Getting a great deal on a cruise or a plane ticket is a tiny fraction of the amazing and genuinely caring experience I want to give my clients. What I offer is concierge service: from the moment you contact me to the moment you are back home unpacking a lifetime of great memories, I am your ally in creating the vacation of your dreams. Before, during, and after your trip — I am a guide, a reliable resource, a no-nonsense troubleshooter, and a knowledgable partner.

And you know why I’m an incredible travel agent? Because I’m an incredible traveler. I’ve been all over the globe — all seven continents, actually — and I know what I’m talking about. I’ve travelled alone and in groups; I’ve criss-crossed countries at every stage of life. I’ve traveled as a senior and a widow, and it’s my goal to make travel accessible, exciting, restorative, and adventurous in all the best ways for people at every age.

I specialize in creating safe, outrageously fun trips that genuinely connect you with other people, places, cuisines, and cultures.


signature-memberI was recently granted membership with the Signature Travel Network. This is an exclusive network of travel professionals that serves the unique needs of discerning travelers. This is not a network that you can just pay a fee and join and then get a badge to slap on your website. You have to prove that you know what you’re doing and are well-versed in the world of travel. My membership with Signature gives me incredible access to educational resources (which I can pass along to you as you prepare for your trips!), as well as special perks with hotels, resorts, and cruise lines. It also gives me the ability to help you customize your dream vacation — so whether you want a thrilling culinary adventure that centers around the cuisine of Tuscany, a pampered exotic cruise down the Nile River, or an unforgettable safari with your family, I can get you there, backed with the buying power and solid reputation of Signature’s 50 years of experience.

I pride myself in being a savvy, well-informed agent, and I want you to be well-informed, too! You can view my new Signature Travel Network site by clicking here and take advantage of resources like:

  • Personalized vacation finder
  • Detailed information on a wide variety of travel opportunities
  • Links to vital travel prep information, like the CIA World Fact Book, up-to-the-minute State Department travel warnings, passport and vaccination requirements, and foreign entry requirements.
  • Up-front prices with no teaser offerings or hidden fees. If you know me, you know I’m a no-bull kind of person. I tell it like it is, and I aim for the highest standard of integrity as I’m helping you plan your trip.
  • Sweepstakes Giveaways – right now Signature Travel is giving away an unforgettable Fiji vacation for two!  To find out more, click here: Win Fiji

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I have a passion for travel that I can back up with years of experience and unmatched concierge service. This is not just a job for me — it is my commitment to bring the world to you, to change your life through the extraordinary joy of travel, and to inspire a clientele that is enthusiastic about the wonder, beauty, and adventure contained in each unique place and culture.