The travel industry will come back stronger than ever – with fantastic opportunities!

The travel industry will come back stronger than ever – with fantastic opportunities!

There is a bumpy road ahead. COVID has changed everything. You must know before you go what changes there have been and what uncertainties are out there. But these uncertainties can turn a vacation into a fantastic experience for you and your family  — if you plan.

It is imperative to find a qualified travel professional to be your advocate.

Even the cute Barbary Ape at the Rock of Gibraltar can be trained to click and book a hotel or cruise. But that is all they do; there is so much more. Let me say that as an ASTA-Verified Agent, this is only 5% of what we do. Like all professions, what you see is not what our job is.

The bumpy road ahead in travel may turn out to be a fascinating experience that will take you on adventures that you could not have experienced until now!

Most importantly, do not buy a vacation; plan for a holiday.

As a senior traveling by myself, honestly, the party atmosphere is not for me. I want a quiet atmosphere; I do not need to be entertained all the time. Yes, I have to admit I prefer not to have children, including teenagers around. I am a foodie, a ballroom dancer, and I enjoy listening to music geared to my generation. I am over 70 and an ex-school teacher. I live in an over-55 senior community and have no grandchildren, nieces, or nephews. 

You are special! There is nothing worse than spending hard-earned money and, worst yet, time on a holiday that is not what you wanted.

As a professional, during the planning stage, I ask you many questions to find out exactly what your needs are, what you really want to do, and most importantly, what you do not want. After that I research ideas that we can investigate together; ideas that will create a holiday that is unique to you. Isn’t that what you want?

Just like all professions, unfortunately, we have a few rotten apples. The Internet has opened the door to incredible opportunities to market, and along with the honest professionals come schemers, and pyramid scam artists. These scammers are great salespeople; believe me, I was taken in by two of the most infamous ones: YTB, a multi-level marketing comapny, and EF Tours, which is now in the news. I was gullible; In every case I trusted without doing any research. That was years ago.

In all professions, if you are a professional, you specialize. By definition, you are highly trained and experience in a particular area and know more than others who do not specialize in that area.

ASTA AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TRAVEL ADVISORS is a trusted site where you can find professional Verified Travel Advisors.
• You have access to their bio’s.
• Know that they are bound by a 12-point code of ethics.
• Any traveler who works with an ASTA member and has a problem has the option to file an official complaint with the association.

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COVID 19 has changed everything, but with a professional Travel Advisor as your advocate to help you plan and give you advice, your next trip will be a trip of a lifetime. Isn’t that what you deserve?

My specialty is working with mature travelers with special needs and/or disabilities. Yes, you will find me as one of the ASTA Verified Travel Advisors. Looking forward to working with you!

Make your life a glorious adventure that brings you sliding in sideways with champagne in one hand and chocolate in the other, shouting, “Wow! What a Ride!” ~ Sara