Thank you for making my “Senior Travel Guide” an AMAZON #1 BEST SELLER!!!

Thank you for making my “Senior Travel Guide” an AMAZON #1 BEST SELLER!!!

Thank you for your overwhelming support for my book, “Senior Travel Guide: How to Survive Squatty Potties and More!


Thanks to your support and some media coverage that I received in the Anchorage Daily News, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, my book (which is now available on Kindle) was catapulted to #1 Best Seller on Amazon last week – and in more than one category! WOW!!!


It even made the #1 International Best Sellers list:

Germany: #1 Best Seller in Cruises (book & kindle)
Australia: #1 Best Seller in Consumer Guides

Having my book become a best seller is a dream come true. I know that this #1 title is fleeting, and what’s important is that it gives me validation for the career path I’ve chosen…

Those of you who have read my book know that I have personally experienced the horror of being forced to leave a ship in a foreign country when my husband became deathly ill and needed to be hospitalized. After that, it became my mission to educate others about the importance of working with an experienced, professional travel advisor/consultant when you book a cruise, or a tour package overseas. I have your best interest at heart, and will always do my best to help you avoid making costly mistakes.

As a travel professional who has visited over 100 countries and is certified in group travel, I have the knowledge, experience, and backing of one of the finest host travel companies in the world, to ensure that my my clients get the very best service and accommodations. I make sure you know exactly what you are buying, so that your trip is filled with wonderful memories that you can cherish forever.

Peace of mind: Priceless!


SARA RANEY, Senior Travel Advisor

Travel Concierge, Sara Raney, is an Alaska and Antarctica Specialist. Having traveled to over 100 countries herself, Sara has the knowledge and experience to make travel plans and special arrangements for her clients (things you wouldn’t even think of) so that you can relax and enjoy a wonderful, memorable, hassle-free vacation!

Join Sara on one of her escorted cruises to
Alaska, Panama, Canada/New England, and more!

Sara is the author of the Amazon best-seller: “Senior Travel Guide: How to Survive Squatty Potties and More!” (available on Amazon and on major cruise lines).