Take a voyage of a lifetime on Golden Eagle Luxury Trains!

Take a voyage of a lifetime on Golden Eagle Luxury Trains!

Sara Raney, Senior Travel Advisor - Alaska and Antarctica Specialist

Are you looking for something unique to do? Take a voyage by private train, aboard the Golden Eagle Luxury Trains!

I am pleased to announce that John Drogan, Sales Director for Golden Eagle Luxury Trains flew in from England to meet with me to discuss a very special, “by-invitation-only” event that will leave you speechless!

I often think about the wonderful times that I had traveling on the “Trans-Siberian Train”…  champagne, caviar, luxury accommodations, and 5-star dining. Every meal was made with fresh local vegetables, meats, and wine.

In Russia, there was lots and lots of vodka. Everywhere we went in Russia we were treated to a glass of vodka! Of course, we did not want to create an international incident, nor did we want to admit to our guest country that Americans simply cannot drink vodka at 8 am in the morning. The plants around Russia’s historical sights seemed  to be smiling at us and saying, “Thank you!”

The guided off-train excursions were in one word, “fantastic!” You never went to tourist sites. In fact, you rarely saw another tourist!

Keep an eye on my blog to for more information on this very special upcoming event.