Stranded tourists express frustration

Stranded tourists express frustration

DON’T blame the pandemic! What did you do to prepare for an emergency? Most tourists spend more time deciding to buy a big mac with or without cheese then planning their vacation. Some have no idea what ports of call they are going to, or worst yet where they have been. 

I do not mean to be snarky, but certain individuals think they should get a cruise for pennies a day. Oh yes, free airfare included. I have known tourists that did not know what cruise company they were going on because they left everything up to a friend.  Yes, this is laughable but true. 

Hey, guys, I have been in the travel business since the ’70s and have been a ship destination specialist, written books, keynote speaker, and a travel segment on TV. I visited over 140 countries and seen it all.

Savvy travelers, you do not want to
travel with tourists.

 Make time to invest in yourself. Finding yourself with the wrong tablemates can ruin your trip. but the right ones can make it.

Common sense safety advice that will
save you in an emergency:

Many steps should be taken before you travel to ensure safe travel. One of the most important things to do is register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

STEP gives you and your travel advisor up to date safety and security information and helps us reach you in an emergency abroad. As a Travel Advisor and concierge, my training and contacts are so much more than placing an order.

When you travel anytime, you need to be aware of the politics, weather, culture, customs and have a lifeline if the unthinkable happens.

YOUR LIFELINE – As a professional ASTA Verified Travel Advisor, my job is to be aware of what could be a potential problem and advise my clients. Be there if the unthinkable happens. My specialty is working with senior travelers with disabilities and those who have special needs. Yes, there is a difference. Rest assured, you can depend on me to keep safety, comfort, value, and uniqueness as the top priority.

There are tourists,
and there are savvy travelers.
Which one are you?