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“Senior Travel Guide
How to Survive Squatty Potties and More!”

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In this book, which was an Amazon #1 International Best Seller in May 2015, Sara shares lots of humorous stories from her own personal travel experiences. (Things you wouldn’t even imagine could happen to you!) She also provides valuable information that can save you an enormous amount of time, such as:

• What are my options if my roommate cancels out at the last minute? Can I take someone else on the cruise in their place?

• What happens if I lose track of time when I’m sightseeing and the ship leaves port without me?

• What are my rights if I am asked to leave the ship in another country due to illness or injury? Do I have a choice?

• What arrangements do I need to make in advance if I have special needs, or if I want to travel with my service-animal?