The ship will not wait for you

The ship will not wait for you

Sara Raney, Senior Travel Advisor - Alaska and Antarctica Specialist

If you are late and on your own the ship will not wait for you!  I have seen, on many occasions, someone running up the dock trying to stop the ship. Once the walkway is back on ship you will be left behind.

According to the “JONES ACT”  in most American ports if a ship leaves a passenger behind the cruise company will be fined $300.00 per person. This cost will be passed on to the passenger. As an Alaska Specialist,  I know that in Alaska if you miss the ship in an American port you will not be able to get back on until the ship reaches a Canadian Port.

The good news is:

IF you go with the ships tours and you are late the ship will wait for you. They have ways to get in contact with the ship in case of an emergency.  Think about this if you should get hurt or become ill. You are not alone!

Peace of Mind: Priceless!



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