Have you been frustrated with…

  • Not being able to find accurate and reliable information on the internet?
  • Agents who have less travel experience than you?
  • The endless flood of brochures insulting your intelligence with misleading information and too-good-to-be-true offers?
  • Tour activities that are set up with only a younger generation in mind?
  • Being overlooked by the travel industry because of your age?
  • Being ignored as a solo-traveler or widow/widower?

That’s why I became a professional travel concierge!

I understand what it is like to travel as a senior, and as a widow and I know what we need to be comfortable and safe. My passion is to make your travel dreams come true!

  • I take the fear out of travel by finding out what your interests are and if you have any special needs.
  • I search out and recommend only the best travel companies. If they don’t meet my high standards, I don’t do business with them, period.
  • I make sure your vacation dollars are going to be spent wisely and that you are getting the most value for your dollar.
  • I am there to assist you before, during, and after your trip.

The benefit of partnering with a travel concierge who is experienced in working with savvy travelers is that I am not a salesperson; I have your best interest at heart. I find amazing experiences that exceed your every desire, that’s worth every penny. With my services, you can be confident that your vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle-free, and filled with memories you will cherish forever.


You can put “swimming in Antarctica” on your bucket list!

Group Travel

Have you and a couple girlfriends been planning a pampered tropical Balinese escape? Or you and your partner dreaming of a once in a lifetime whale watching adventure in the Antarctic? Or maybe you are looking to meet new, like-minded travelers to share some new adventures with? Whatever your travel dreams, I can make them happen for you!


You can also put “canoeing through caves in Thailand” on your bucket list!

If you have ever tried to plan any event for a group you know how challenging it can be!  Add to that the extra complication of organizing travel arrangements, and you have a situation that definitely calls for a professional. Let me take the stress out of the planning for you so that you can relax and enjoy yourself along with everyone else.


Be sure to put “visit Machu Pichu” on your bucket list, as well!

Here’s your passport to passion & adventure!

Join my 12 month personalized travel club program, “Sara’s Luxury Inner Circle Membership.”