Podcast: Guest Speaker at Los Prados Golf & Country Club

Podcast: Guest Speaker at Los Prados Golf & Country Club

Sara Raney, Guest Speaker

I had the pleasure of being the featured Guest Speaker at the Los Prados Golf & Country Club Women’s Luncheon.

What a lovely community! The women were so friendly and welcoming. It was a wonderful event!

You can tune-in here to listen to my presentation:


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*UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2019*

I received this beautiful testimonial from the Los Prados Women’s Club:

Sara Raney was our guest speaker at the July 12 Los Prados Women’s Club luncheon and what a breath of fresh air! Admittedly we were a little hesitant, even though she promised us that she was not trying to sell us anything (We did allow her to display her book for sale, but that was our decision).

As it turned out, she was thoroughly enjoyable. 

With her vast experience traveling over 100 countries and seven continents, she was extremely knowledgeable and as a bonus, very entertaining! 

She shared her personal stories as well as the do’s and don’ts of travel. But most of all she shared with us how important it is to invest in ourselves by participating in the PLANNING of our dream vacation, rather than letting someone else make all the decisions. 

In addition, we had a few audio/video problems where she had to wing some of the presentation, but you would have never known. She was a total professional.

I would recommend her as a speaker for any group without hesitation.”

– Los Prados Women’s Club


I absolutely loved giving presentations like this. This note made my day! Thank you!