Peace of mind – priceless!

Peace of mind – priceless!

Sara Raney, Senior Travel Advisor - Alaska and Antarctica Specialist

One of the services I offer is the knowledge that all of our preferred suppliers have provided documentation to show that they are financially stable, and have proper insurance, etc. If it is not a preferred supplier it is my policy to have you sign a waiver acknowledging that you understand that it is not.

I don’t have a crystal ball so I cannot offer a guarantee; only that I will do my best to select companies that will provide you with a memorable, hassle-free vacation so that you can have peace of mind.

SARA RANEY, Senior Travel AdvisorAs a professional Travel Consultant/Advisor who specializes in working with seniors, Sara Raney keeps you up-to-date on important travel information. Having traveled to over 100 countries herself, Sara has the knowledge and experience to make age-appropriate travel plans and special arrangements for her clients (things you wouldn’t even think of) so that you can relax and enjoy a wonderful, memorable, hassle-free vacation!

“Alaska and Antarctica Specialist.”

Join Sara on one of her escorted groups to Alaska!