My adventures in Antarctica!

My adventures in Antarctica!

People have often asked me why I would want to go to Antarctica. “There is nothing down there but ice.”

They are wrong! There are so many memories that I have, and there is so much to do that it is my passion to lecture and write about my experiences.

Three months after my husband passed away, I put on my snow boots, wool underwear, and changed my life forever on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition onboard the 120-passenger Clipper Adventurer ice-capable cruise vessel with National Geographic guides exploring South America and Antarctica.

For safety reasons to be able to explore the Southern Ocean, it is crucial to be on the right vessel. You must also think about your comfort level. Are you physically able to climb in and out of zodiacs or do the walking? There is a vessel for you that can meet your comfort and safety. Maybe all you want to do is see the Continent of Antarctica, or perhaps you want to explore?


Faraday Station- located on Galindez Island off the coast of Antarctic in the ’60s, received a shipment of wood from England. The carpenters were supposed to use the wood to build a needed pier, but instead, they erected a British tavern. It is a small bar with all four walls and ceiling of varnish wood, with wooden shelves filled with all kinds of memorabilia. Right in the center of the bar is a rack filled with ladies colored bras.

Before being handed over to Ukraine in 1996, the research base for almost half of the century existed as a British research base Faraday Research Station. Today, it is known as the Vernadsky Research Base, with a population of 12. It is a modern station built on a rock formation and has sleeping quarters for up to twenty-five Scientists, with a clinic, clothing store, lounge, library, and gift store.

Now you can see why it is so important to choose the right vessel to travel on. Your life may depend on it. You are least 2000 miles from help. Most people (tourists) who visit anywhere never question the itinerary of what the cruise ship has plan nor do they check to see if the vessel is safe to travel In that location. Tourists place an order usually based on nothing more than an ad or their favorite cruise company.


In 2003 when I visited Vernadsky, the British tradition of ladies handing over their bra could still eat and drink bathtub Vodka free for life. Which you sip under wilted photos of explorers, such as Shackleton, Byrd, Scott, Amundsen, and Wordie, while tapping your feet to Ukrainian music and chatting with the brilliant scientists who live and work there. While you are there, visit Wordie House UK Heritage Trust on nearby Goudier Island. Always check out the itinerary before you book any cruise; otherwise, you may be disappointed ports of call differ depending on the cruise company and the vessel you are on.


In the early days of World War Two, Adolf Hitler traveled to Antarctica to set up an underground base called the “Nazi Antarctic Fortress: Base-15 There are many theories as to what strange experiments were going on. Because of UFO sightings, it is believed to have been Nazi’s Bell Project. Which recent evidence points to working with UFOs Captured by the NAZIES.

Shrouded in mystery in 1947, Admiral Byrd of the USN was sent to Antarctica on a mission that was codenamed “Operation High –Jump.” He led 4000 military troops from the US, Britain, and Australia in an invasion of Antarctica. Many claimed that the task force was sent to eradicate a secret Nazi base. The infamous Lost Admiral Byrd diaries say that they followed a tunnel for miles and eventually found a vast underground cavern with underground lakes and mysterious artificial lighting. It is noted that Recent released declassified information proves that technology was used that was not of this earth.

According to the diaries, the Nazis built a massive base in the caverns and had even built docks for U-boats. There were also hangars for strange planes and excavations that were documented. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as they say. Antarctica is a place full of wonder and mystery, a place I will never forget. At the other end of the endless Southern Ocean is a hidden part of the world that is mysterious, historical, and just awe-inspiring. One day I hope to return to this magical and historical place.

I experienced Antarctica in 2003 over the years, many things have changed and continued to improve.

This is why when you travel anywhere, especially after the pandemic, you need to work with someone who has recently visited the area and or has a destination specialist in the area. Ports of call are different depending on the vessel, especially in the Antarctic, Arctic, and Alaska.

A savvy traveler plans, a tourist buys.
Which one are you?

In 2012 The Clipper Adventurer was sold to Quark Expeditions was renamed MV Adventurer. Adventure is everywhere, and knowing the history, culture, and ports of call will give you memories that will last a lifetime. This is what makes a tourist into a Savvy Traveler. This is what gives you value, safety, and uniqueness to every holiday.

Savvy travelers, this is YOUR time to travel! There are so many emerging tourist-free destinations to visit. However, you will not see them advertise because they are not for tourists. Think about that!

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