Legends of the Lights: Aurora Borealis

Legends of the Lights: Aurora Borealis


Photo Credit: State of Alaska/Photographer: Chris McLennan

These beautiful lights, also known as the Northern Lights, are found  in many locations around the world. The best place to view them is in the Arctic Circle. Why? The  long periods of darkness and crystal clear sky of Alaska offers this dazzling natural phenomenon. Do not be misled, however, by what you see photoshopped in travel brochures. Northern Lights are rarely, if ever seen during a cruise through the Inside Passage. Just like wild animals, the northern lights are not staged for thousands of tourists. If it is not winter time with dark and clear skies, you will not see this Aurora Borealis anywhere.

In Roman myths, the Northern hemisphere’s  kaleidoscope of dancing colors  meant the dawn of the north, or goddess of the dawn.  During medieval times, it signaled the coming of war or famine.  

Today those who have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to view these awe inspiring lights have only one word for them. “WOW!”   

SARA RANEY, Senior Travel Advisor

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