Keynotes, Seminars, and Workshops

Keynotes, Seminars, and Workshops

Learn how to live a more passionate and adventurous life through travel

In this motivational presentation, Sara shares how to create a life full of amazing adventures that most people only dream of. Discover how to get rid of negative thoughts and actions that can keep you from following your aspirations and having the life you are worthy of. You will learn how to follow your dreams, step into action, and live your best life now. Sara will also share entertaining stories about her travel experiences.

Learn how to:
√ Identify and change the negative thoughts that are keeping you from living the life you deserve.
√ Break out of your comfort zone and jump-start a life full of excitement.
√ Find your hidden passion and discover how to live it.
√ Stop existing and start really living.
√ Believe in yourself and become unstoppable at any age.

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From tourist to savvy traveler: learn everything you need to know before you go… anywhere! 

This informative presentation will you teach you how to be a savvy traveler and help you avoid common travel mishaps so that your vacation can be as hassle-free as possible.

Sara shares essential travel secrets along with travel tips and tricks to make your next travel adventure seamless from start to finish!

Learn how to:
√ Avoid travel scams.
√ Know what to do in case of a medical emergency.
√ Become aware of identity theft or fraud to avoid personal risk.
√ Understand the impact of cross-cultural differences and avoid cultural faux pas.