It’s more than a rock!

It’s more than a rock!

Honestly – before visiting Gibraltar I thought it was just a giant rock. Boy, was I wrong after visiting over 100 countries and all seven continents I thought I had seen everything. This hidden gem with its history, quaint town, unbelievable scenery and those adorable Barbary monkeys is worth visiting again and again. Yet most Americans have never heard of Gibraltar.

I know your mother has always told you, “When crossing the road, look both ways.” In Gibraltar, mothers also tell their daughters to look UP because the road into town is also the runway! The road across Gibraltar gets closed every time a plane lands at the airport. This runway runs the whole width of Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory alongside the border of Spain. It’s dominated by the famous and historical Rock of Gibraltar and home to the Barbary Monkeys who live at Apes Den on top of the rock of Gibraltar. Where the monkeys and humans live as neighbors. They are not afraid of people, in fact, I had one chase me thru a café. I thought I had lost him and as I paid my bill I looked down and there he was staring up at me. However, a little girl next to me had an ice cream cone or should I say she had an ice cone. The next time I saw him he was outside on the fence eating ice cream.

Gibraltar is recognized worldwide by those who want a quickie wedding. That’s right. If you decide suddenly that you want to elope then this could be the place for you. If you fly in one day and lodge your papers, you can get married the next day.

Sara’s Recommendation

Even with the monkeys free to roam this is a safe and unique place to visit. As a widow and a solo traveler, I would highly recommend spending a few days. In fact, I plan on visiting this intriguing place full of history and unusual locals. Hey where else in the world can you share and ice cream cone with a monkey? And live to write about it.