How to avoid motion sickness

How to avoid motion sickness

Sara Raney, Senior Travel Advisor - Alaska and Antarctica Specialist

Statistics show that one out of twenty people have some signs of motion sickness…

How to avoid motion sickness on an airplane:

This can be avoided by choosing your airplane seat carefully. Always remember that the cheapest seats are usually the least desirable seats to travel in. On a plane, the best seats to sit in are over the wings or wheels; they are the most stable. Also an aisle seat that you can get up at least once every hour to get some exercise will help to prevent blood clots that could form in your legs on a long flight.

How to avoid motion sickness on an cruise ship:

Try to get a midship cabin close the waterline. Cruise ships have many rates. You may think it is for the same stateroom; in most cases the cheaper they are, the least desirable they are. To have an enjoyable and hassle free cruise it is important to make sure that you have a stateroom that meets your requirements.

Motion sickness medications

There are several motion sickness prescriptions and over the counter medicines that are available to relieve the symptoms. Prescriptions are only for the person that it is prescribed for. If you have any questions talk to a travel doctor or your personal physician, especially if you are giving it to children. I personally have found that the over the counter medicine on board ship is very effective and usually complementary.


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