Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Sara Raney, Senior Travel Advisor - Alaska and Antarctica Specialist

On Halloween we expect to see cute kids in costumes, tricks, candy and an occasional scare. But for travelers, no matter how many times you have packed your bags there is always that feeling of uncertainty. It does not take much to turn a trip of a lifetime into a horror story. Unexpected things, such as losing your baggage, missed/cancelled flights, needing medicine, lost or stolen passports and/or charge cards, waking up in a hotel with bed bugs, or having no reservations when you arrive at the hotel can spoil a trip. And becoming ill or getting hurt in a country  where you don’t know the language or customs can be positively frightening! Just like when you’re at home, anything can go wrong…

Halloween Flier Background

When you work with a professional travel advisor/consultant you have the support you need before, during, and after your vacation. The peace of mind this gives you is priceless.

There is a (big) difference between a professional Travel Advisor, a Travel Agent, and a travel website. The difference can make all the difference in your travel experience.

  • Professional Travel Advisor: We ask you questions, offer you choices, and get you the best rate available. Most importantly, we are here for you in an emergency
  • Travel Agent: They ask you for your credit card information. (A professional Travel Advisor will never ask you for this information.) Be careful who you give this information to!
  • Travel Website: Beware! Anyone, located anywhere in the world (even in prison) can set up a travel website for a few dollars!

Travel should be a positive experience where you have wonderful memories to share. Bad experiences should only make interesting stories. Planning travel is like fireworks: it can be fun to do it yourself! You might see something really beautiful. Of course….getting burned can spoil all the fun.

Having the right travel insurance policy can make all the difference in protecting you (and your family’s assets) against the unexpected. You simply can’t afford to be without it!

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