Getting ready to travel? Don’t let your “special needs” hold you back

Getting ready to travel? Don’t let your “special needs” hold you back

Let’s face it:  If you’re alive… you have special needs when traveling.  It can be something as simple as having me arrange in advance your special dietary requirements or a bed extension – whether onboard your ship or at your chosen destination. Or it can require my knowing who to contact for kidney dialysis or taking your special needs dog with you and with whom to coordinate to make sure that you have a wheel-chair at your destination and you have a handicap-accessible stateroom and/or resort accommodation. What about the ports of call are they wheel-chair friendly?

Many travel advisors don’t know HOW to make these necessary arrangements for their clients, nor can they relate to a client with special needs. Only those of us who have experienced this understands the little things. I can, and I do.   

TOGETHER, I will discuss, organize, plan, and implement your itinerary to include whatever special requirements, equipment, and/or individual assistance is necessary to make this a real vacation! And, you can depend on me to follow-through on everything that YOU need to make sure your holiday is just that: A real vacation filled with relaxation, happy memories, and lots of fun. And, most importantly: CONFIDENCE that everything you need to ensure the perfect vacation has been arranged and confirmed.

Now, let’s review some of the topics that you and I will discuss…

• INSURANCE – Together, I will discuss the different travel insurance companies, the various plans available, and you can determine what is best for YOU- contingent on what type of vacation we’re planning (land and/or sea itinerary.)

• DESTINATIONS – Let’s take the ROCK OF GIBRALTAR – known as “the place like no other.” This is one of my favorite places to visit; however, it does take planning, especially for someone with special needs and or disabilities. The town itself is easy to get around, and yes, you can pay a lot of money to take a car up the rock to see the Apes Den, visit the café and see St Michaels Cave.  Notice I said to see? This is perfect if you want to see the entrance, buy ice cream and be with tourists. However, there is so much beyond those entrances: The Galleries or Great Siege Tunnels is a system of thirty miles of underground tunnels filled with museums and history. What about the skywalk, Moorish Castle, Suspension Bridge, Botanic Gardens, and so much more?  IF you are not able to walk without assistance, I can make ALL these arrangements for you.  I know what to do, and I know who to contact. 

• PLANNING is essential – How do you define “vacation”?  What do you want to see and do?  What will not only meet your expectations… but exceed those expectations? I need to know! Do you want to take a cruise?  Do you want to spend your holiday in a luxurious resort in the mountains? What do YOU want to DO? I am YOUR advocate…. Let’s get started making memories to last a lifetime.  And, working together… I won’t let anything stop YOU from exploring, experiencing, and enjoying this incredible world!

Planning is the key!  Choosing the right ship, knowing the culture, ports of the call, what attractions there are to choose from will turn your vacation into a holiday filled with beautiful memories.

What is it that you really want to do?   What would be the obstacles?  Walking and climbing stairs, traveling alone. In most cases like “the rock,” they have special taxies for wheel-chair passengers also a cable car (not a walker or wheel-chair friendly}.   There is just so much to do and see that you can miss out on so much if you do not plan.  Remember, the ship makes money on all shore excursions, and they are set up for tourists, not for savvy travelers. In so many ports of call, I see tourists paying for tours that simply are not worth it and have missed out on so much. Not to mention wasted money. 

Making reservations in advance to the right companies that will offer you what you want to do and see.  You now go to the head of the line; someone is waiting for you; they know what you want and have made special arrangements.   Most of the time, they take you away from tourist traps. Before I became a savvy traveler, I missed out on so much because I was like sheep, I let salespeople tell me what I wanted to do.  I am your advocate, not the cruise lines. 

Your Personal Specialist in Travel and Consulting,

This little guy chased me around the “Top Rock Café” at the Rock of Gibraltar; finally, I gave in and gave him my ice cream, which he shared with his mate. This is one of my favorite places that I will revisit.