Discounted rooms are going fast…

Discounted rooms are going fast…

Sara Raney, Senior Travel Advisor - Alaska and Antarctica Specialist

Are you one of the lucky SCA residents traveling on my 15 day Central America Panama Cruise in April 2016? Included in this trip will be a visit to the colorful colonial town of Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala. You can learn more about this beautiful country in this YouTube video:

While there you can enjoy superb jungle encrusted Maya pyramid complexes, gorgeous smoking volcanos, wildlife crammed rain forests, and colorful ethnic people with curious customs.

Antigua, the old capital, is now a World Heritage site, with cobbled streets, flowers, and evocative ruins.  One of the popular tours is the smoky Pacaya Volcano.

For those who haven’t jumped on board and booked this cruise with me yet, the ship is almost sold out!

Discounted rates are available on a few windows and Interiors. (Waiting list only for Verandas and Suites.) I am only able to hold these discounted rates until November, so if you’re thinking about coming along, please let me know right away!


In Quetzal, the US dollar is the most widely accepted foreign currency. Credit cards are accepted at many city hotels, restaurants and shops. As of this blog $1.00 = 7.65050 Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ). The language is Spanish, although when it comes to discussing money, English is usually understood. And for those of you who cannot live without your computer, internet access is widely available, even in remote areas.

The Benefits of Traveling with Sara Raney, Travel Concierge:

  • Sara offers escorted group rates. (Groups are limited to 15 staterooms.)
  • You learn lots of interesting facts about the countries you are going to be visiting at her monthly meet-and-greet potlucks. Each month she discusses a different port of call. This is a wonderful way to get to know your fellow cruisers before your trip.
  • Sara offers a pre and post hotel and tour package for San Diego and Miami. (optional)
  • You are invited to a fun Bon Voyage Party!
  • Sara arranges many private activities on board ship. Everyone has a great time!
  • As a certified ITMI Tour Manager/ Concierge, Sara is with you before, during, and after your cruise, to answer your questions and offer assistance when needed.

Peace of mind: priceless!

Sara Raney, Senior Travel Advisor - Alaska and Antarctica Specialist

SARA RANEY, Senior Travel Advisor

Travel Concierge, Sara Raney, is an Alaska and Antarctica Specialist. Having traveled to over 100 countries herself, Sara has the knowledge and experience to make travel plans and special arrangements for her clients (things you wouldn’t even think of) so that you can relax and enjoy a wonderful, memorable, hassle-free vacation!

Join Sara on one of her escorted cruises to
Alaska, Panama, Canada/New England, and more!

Sara is the author of the Amazon best-seller: “Senior Travel Guide: How to Survive Squatty Potties and More!” (available on Amazon and on major cruise lines).