Sophisticated travelers LOVE the Bauer Hotel!

Sophisticated travelers LOVE the Bauer Hotel!

Bauer's Hotel

Today, I would like to share some information with you about the Bauer Hotel, a longtime favorite of the sophisticated traveler. It is made up of three hotels; two are attached actually by one restaurant, De Pisis. The hotel I stayed in had a 1940’s Italian style architecture. As you leave the hotel and walk to the right you will find such stores as Gucci, and other well-known stores. There is Pharmacy within 3 minutes of’ the Hotel with an English speaking pharmacist. Within minutes you are in St Mark’s Square, a great location if you want to eliminate the hundreds of bridges that make up Venice.

The Bauer ll Palazzo is set in an 18th  century palace which is attached to The Bauer Hotel. They use the same restaurant which overlooks the canal De Pisis. It is a beautiful place to enjoy your evening.

Their newest property, Bauer Casa Nova, offers true Venetian residential living in luxurious apartment-style, four-star suites. It is across the canal next to the beautiful Orient Express Hotel  Cipriani.  I really love this one. Each room is different and you feel like you are in an old palace – which I  guess you are. I was surprised to find that their spa is one of the best in Venice. There is a private  water taxi that goes between the properties every 15 minutes.

De Pisis is well known for its intimate fine dining. You can dine indoors or on the terrace that overlooks the Grand Canal. This gourmet restaurant is rated as one of the best in Venice. It is very expensive. My dinner cost me hundreds of dollars, but the view was spectacular.

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• You must be able to walk up and down steps and get in and out of moving water taxis. There are no cars, bicycles or moving vehicles. This includes scooters in the St Marks area.

• It can be very expensive. The average hotel in Venice is around $1000.00/night, and up to $5000.00+ a night with meals. Depending on the entree, I would say it’s around $75.00 to $ 150,00 per person. Remember everything is a la cart. You may see other hotels listed that are cheaper. Remember this before you book.

• Venice is made up of over 100 islands that you can reach by bridges or water taxis.

• Hotels that are not four or five star may not have elevators or private bathrooms.

Venice is one of my favorite places to visit however it can be a challenge to those who have a problem walking. In my experience the tour guides that are leading the groups walk very fast over narrow streets that are filled with tourists. They will leave you behind if you cannot keep up! Remember this city was built hundreds of years ago, and has not changed. As a Certified Tour Director, Tour Guide, and a Senior Travel Advisor, when I lead a group through Venice I go at a slow enough pace to make sure that everyone can keep up. I certainly do not leave members of our group behind! I also do not lead groups to areas that I have not personally visited and found them to be senior-friendly.

Peace of mind: priceless!

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