SARA RANEY STUDIO PORTRAIT AUG 15TH 2013Today, there are as many different types of travel options as there are countries you can visit. If you are the type of traveler who wants to treat yourself to unique travel destinations where you can immerse yourself in the culture and history of exotic places, it helps to have the assistance of a travel concierge who can assist you with making travel plans that are catered to your individual needs.

Why waste precious time and money on a ho-hum vacation, when you’re craving something extraordinary! Let me help you plan a trip that’s geared towards being with people who share similar interests.

When I was young…

I was raised in a small village in Pennsylvania. I dreamed of traveling to faraway places with strange sounding names like Alaska and California! In fourth grade, I was introduced to the world through travel shows on TV. It changed my life forever! While other children were watching Howdy Doody, I was watching travel shows and reading every book I could get my hands on. I loved to get lost in pictures of places like Paris, London, and Rome. In high school, the movie “The King and I” introduced me to a magical little place called Siam.

After college I worked for various travel agencies like Sitmar and Princess Cruises. Then, for a short period of time, I worked as a tour guide in Hollywood. I decided that joining the Army would help me get to more of those incredible destinations that I had dreamed about. I ended up in Alaska! In 2005, I took my first trip to this wonderful place now called Thailand. And while traveling in Siberia, I visited the home of Yul Brynner (star of “The King and I”). My dreams had come true!

Some of my extraordinary adventures include…

A trip on the Venice Simpleton Orient Express where I traveled in the footsteps of Agatha Christie, the Trans Siberian Railroad, a cruise around the world, and an expedition to Antarctica – my absolute favorite!

In my travels I have walked with the penguins on Antarctica. I have enjoyed lunch while being entertained by the Old Believers in Siberia. I was serenaded by the throat singers in the Republic of Khakasia. I have walked in the footsteps of pharaohs while visiting the Egyptian Pyramids.

In the Far East I visited Golden Horn Bay, the home of the Russian fleet in the previously closed city of Vladivostok. I had the honor of meeting the last surviving Romanov at the Hermitage. I have also gazed at the beautiful backwaters of Cochin India nicknamed “the Venice of the East.” Oh, how could I ever forget the mysterious Red Rose City of Petra!

At some point along the way I became a senior, but it never once occurred to me to stop traveling, I just needed to learn some new tricks. In order to continue living my dreams I became an expert in travel. Now I help others learn how to improve their life’s journey with travel. Click here to get my free guidebook, “7 Ways to Live a More Passionate and Adventurous Life.”



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