6 Things you should NOT wear on a plane

6 Things you should NOT wear on a plane

Sara Raney, Senior Travel Advisor - Alaska and Antarctica Specialist

Traveling today is not as easy as it was years ago. You have to dress appropriately to be comfortable and safe. With layovers, long walks between connections, and greasy food, not to mention long flights, severe medical problems can arise when a passenger is not prepared for air travel.

So, here are 6 things you should NOT wear on a plane:

1. You should not wear tight clothing. Be careful of socks and knee highs that leave marks on your skin, as this could restrict the blood flow through your veins.  Deep Vein thrombosis, also known as DVT, is a condition in which dangerous blood clots form in a vein. It is often associated with being sedentary for long periods of time. These blood clots can lead to a pulmonary embolism, which is potently fatal. Compression stockings are a good choice for travelers on long flights.

2. You should not wear stilettos, boots, flip flops, or slippers. These types of shoes can be a hazard. If there was an emergency, this could affect your safety, not to mention that you could fall, or get a heel caught in an escalator. If you had to get off the plane in an emergency it could mean the difference between life or death. Wear walking shoes that are comfortable and easy to get on and off. Remember, your feet do swell when you travel.

3. You should not wear synthetic materials or nylons. In an emergency situation, these materials can melt in heat. Ladies, for long flights I recommend wearing pants. (You do not want to wake up with your not-so-tighty whities showing.) Wear comfortable, breathable clothing.

4. You should not wear thick, bulky clothes. It’s best to layer your clothes so that you can make adjustments according to the plane’s temperature. Think about this… the more you wear, the less you have to pack.

5. You should not wear “complicated” clothing. Leave those at home! Airplane lavatories are getting smaller and smaller. Getting in an out of your pants in a moving, bouncing plane is bad enough. Adding clothing that is hard to get in an out of only makes it worse! Speaking of lavatories, if you’re traveling to a foreign country you’d better be prepared to use squatty potties! Learn more about them in  “Senior Travel Guide: How to Survive Squatty Potties and More!

6. You should not wear contact lenses.  They can become dry and uncomfortable when flying. Wear glasses instead. (Because of the dry air I always take a decongestant with me, as well.)

I am not saying for you to throw style out the window when you travel on a plane; be comfortable and look stylish.

TRAVEL TIP: On rare occasions you might have a chance to be upgraded to business class or first class. This privilege is given to someone who looks like they belong there.  Always remember that “extras” are given to those who look like they can afford to pay for them. WHY? Because they want future business from you.

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Sara Raney, Senior Travel Advisor - Alaska and Antarctica Specialist


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