Travel Concierge

Luxury Travel Concierge Service

Sara Raney offers a premium travel concierge service for savvy travelers. (This is similar to a medical concierge service in which a doctor provides more personalized care to a limited number of patients.) Sara’s “luxury travel concierge service” includes one full year of travel planning for an annual fee. This includes taking care of all of your travel arrangements, down to the smallest details!

Best of all, Sara specializes in planning unique travel experiences that will make you the envy of your friends and business associates!  


The benefit of working with Sara Raney

When you travel, it is essential to maximize your time and your investment. Having traveled to over 100 countries and explored all seven continents, Sara knows how to customize every aspect of your journey, and make plans and arrangements that go far beyond your basic travel needs. This provides immense peace of mind, especially when traveling to unfamiliar regions, and allows you to experience an extraordinary adventure with thebest-of-the-best possible service.

As your luxury travel concierge, Sara works for you, not those travel companies that make it seem like booking a dream vacation is easy; it’s not. There are endless options to choose from! Sorting out the true gems from the tourist traps takes a lot of time, work, experience, and connections. She will also advocate on your behalf with service providers and government agencies and manage all of the travel details so that you don’t have to.

This includes:

• Making recommendations and arrangements for a truly unique travel experience
• Providing quick notifications about special offers and sales on trips of interest
• Handling of all of the paperwork for your airlines, cruise ships, trains, limousines, restaurants, private tours, access to special themed cruises, etc.
• Special amenities that are only available when your arrangements are made through a travel professional
• Lots of travel tips
• And more!

Sara makes sure that everything about your upcoming trip is well-planned and in order, so that you can enjoy a rich travel experience filled with memories that will last you a lifetime, and return home well-rested!

Sara Raney in Antarctica

Sara Raney is an Alaska Certified Expert for the State of Alaska, an authority on Antarctica, Falkland Islands, Patagonia and Alaska Expedition cruising, and intimately familiar with over 170 ships in the fleets of 46 major cruise lines, hotels, and trains, including Un-Cruise, Hurtigruten, Zegrahm Expeditions, Paul Gauguin, Azamara, Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions, Uni-World, Rocky Mountain-Mountaineer Train, Orient Express, and Shangri-La Luxury Hotels, and many other exceptional travel companies that you may not be familiar with.

As your luxury travel concierge, she will help you plan a travel adventure that will enrich your life!

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