I would love to help you live a life of passion & adventure!
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“Make your life a glorious adventure that brings you sliding in sideways with champagne in one hand and chocolate in the other, shouting. WOW! WHAT A RIDE!” ~ Sara

When you travel, it is essential to maximize your time and your investment.  This means every aspect of your journey should be customized just for you by someone who has your best interest in mind … someone you can count on to assist you before, during and after your trip and has the passion to make it an amazing memory for you.

  • The greatest benefit of partnering with me as your Travel Concierge is that I am NOT the typical travel agent. I rarely work with mass market cruise lines and hotels. I specialize in working with companies because of their uniqueness and service so do not need to advertise.
  • I also understand that there are times during the year when you are looking for something other than the perfect vacation. I am with you for 12 months; during that time I am delighted to help you with all of your travel needs for you and your travel partner.
  • With your initial 15 minute complimentary call I will gather information from you. So when we have our “discovery call/visit” I will have researched several options and will be able to provide you with ideas.
  • I work with adventure seekers and savvy travelers who want to experience the best-of the best possible service.
  • I am your advocate before, during and after your holiday. You can be confident that every detail of your holiday is perfectly planned and hassle free.
  • Sometimes the unexpected happens. Even though there are times when things are out of my control, I will be there to help you in any way I can.
  • Because I only work with a handful of clients each year I am truly your advocate before, during and after your holidays.
  • I have your best interest at heart and can provide you with exclusive privileges to create lifetime memories.
  • My extensive experience not only comes from education in the travel industry, but from my own personal experience of traveling to over 100 countries and all 7 continents.

These are only a few of the many things you need to consider. 

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I would love to help you live a life of passion & adventure!
Phone: 702-838-3646